Friday, January 24, 2014

How to Hold a Knife and De-seed an Avocado

One of the first lessons I was taught in my culinary classes was how to hold a knife properly.  I could not believe I had been holding it wrong for almost 20 years.  Here is how I had learned to hold a knife:

And here is how you are supposed to hold it:

At first it feels so strange to grip the blade.  But once you get used to the awkwardness, you have so much more control over you chopping and dicing.  The knife will slip less and your cuts will be smoother.  I must warn you that I would not hold any knife smaller than a chefs knife  like this.  Holding a paring knife like this might get a bit dicey.....haha do you see what I did there? 

Right, no more laughing at my own jokes. 

Instead here is a handy chart with some more knife tips:

Knife Smarts

My second tip of the day is how to de-seed an avocodo.  I had always tried to dig the seed out with a spoon.  That usually resulted in the seed flying across the room and landing on the floor leaving me with a mess to clean up.  Well one day when my Dad was visiting he showed me this trick - 

Take your knife and hit the seed with the sharp edge so it sticks.  Then gently twist the blade and the seed comes right out.  There is no launching of fruit, just a very calm removal and no mess!  

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